Meet Cranberry, a snow guy who loves to shovel.  Watch for the series.


2)SHEPHERDS: Comedy/drama. Based on a novel written by Catherine Frances, SHEPHERDS is the story of a group of friends who happen to be preachers – all of different faiths.  Life is tough and this group of five deal with every day problems we all face.  Thank God their friends.  A series that features music of inner city choirs.

UPDATE:  a seven season arc has been created and currently working on the pilot episode, TAKOTSUBO SYNDROME.


3)CLANDESTINE/NOVEMBER CRIES: screenplay by Catherine Frances.  It’s 1960′s and the cold war is raging, even in Duluth Minnesota! A woman triggers a hidden fifty year old spy sensor down on the canal and her past comes back to haunt her when a retired CIA operative arrives on the scene to investigate an old case.

4)SPIRIT OF THE BAKER Novel written by Catherine Frances, based on a true story.  In 1918 a young baker leaves Austria Hungary for America and opens a bakery – his dream.  He sends for his wife – a refined woman that carries her family upper class distinction:  A grade level 2 – Gracious Sir or Madam, thus making them part of the royal court.  Together they run their baker and grocery in St. Paul Minnesota along with their daughter.  He is content to spend his life baking – she runs the business side of the shop and mingles with the high society ladies.  A mismatch couple, but they make it work.  When the baker passes away in their upstairs home over the bakery, from that day on, his sounds of preparing the next day’s baking could still be heard.